Characteristics of Cashmere wool

by Nov 27, 2023Cashmere

The finest Cashmere goats are animals with characteristics very different from each other.

For example, we can say that the cashmere fiber produced can be very different, depending on the age of the animal: the younger, the higher the fineness. Another aspect that varies is the color of cashmere, from cream to gray, the brown to black. All this is because up to now have not yet been made selections based on genetics.

We are just at the beginning of this type of selection, and in fact such a practice has just begun at the European farmers, U.S. and Australia. For now, the selection of the goats is made on the basis of a particular characteristic: resistance to cold down to a temperature exaggerated for humans but not for the Capra hircus: less than 30 ° C. To reach these temperatures and produce, therefore, a high-quality cashmere fiber, the animal must necessarily have a strong and resilient fleece, but above all it must have a dense undercoat and very hot: The most subtle and end that we already know, and called “duvet”.

Probably, if in the future will be conducted genetic selections or even genetic manipulation of animals that produce this precious wool, perhaps one that will already see in other fields of agriculture and livestock, which exponentially increase the productive capacity of farms, but at the same time will produce a significant reduction in both the selling price of the same quality of wool produced. For now however, must benefit from the current standard of quality cashmere.

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