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If you're considering using cashmere yarn for your knitting projects, it's important to understand how to achieve the best results. The following tips will help you successfully work with these premium materials.

Compatibility with Knitting Machines:
Cashmere yarn contents in this category can be used with a single-end gauge 12 knitting machine or with a double-end gauge 7-8 knitting machine. Make sure to choose the right machine based on the thickness of the yarn you're using.

Versatility of Cashmere Yarn:
Its excellent quality makes it suitable for working with two, three, or more strands on knitting needles as well. This versatility allows you to create a variety of fabrics and textures to meet your creative needs.

Tips for Working and Felting:
At the bottom of each page on our website, you'll find detailed tips for working and felting (washing/treating) cashmere yarn, both in skeins and for finished garments. Following these guidelines carefully will ensure that your garments maintain their softness and luster over time.

Making a Sample:
Before starting the final work on your project, making a sample is essential. This will allow you to test the yarn tension, stitch, and fabric consistency, ensuring that the final result meets your expectations.

With these tips and a bit of practice, you'll be ready to create elegant and high-quality knitted garments using cashmere yarn. Happy knitting!

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