Are you a Company?

Do you have a shop or a knitwear factory?

Are You a Company?

From today we have an exclusive service for you !!!

Read these lines carefully below.

You can buy our yarns at a discounted price, reserved especially for your company.

Almost all of our yarns come from Stock, which is why we select the best qualities at exceptional prices.

You can buy our yarns at reserved prices directly from this website.

To access the prices reserved for companies, sign up on our website by clicking here, enter the requested data, then send us an email to the email address [email protected] with the request to activate the reserved price list on your account.

IMPORTANT: If you are a Company into EU Countries you must insert you VAT number for not to pay VAT. If you are company OUT of EU Countries you don’t need insert VAT number.

When we have activated the reserved price list on your account we will send you a confirmation email. From that moment you will be able to watch and buy our yarns at prices reserved for companies, simply by accessing your reserved area (account) with your email address and the password you chose during registration.

We have no minimum purchase, you can also buy just one cone.

I will be available for all the information you need and to assist you in all your needs.

NB: Shipping costs are NOT Free for companies.


Free shipping on all orders over €299. Only for EU Countries and only for Private Customers.


All our yarns are in stock lot and they are not washed, and appear raw, so it is essential to make a small sample and wash it following our advice before proceeding with the final processing. Check the first points and in case of irregularities stop work immediately and contact our technical office


[email protected]
(we will reply asap, working days)

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