Technical information on yarns

Technical information on yarns

Yarns Hircus Filati born in cones of 1 kg.

The fine yarns Hircus Filati are produced from the better Italian spinning mills and is a specialized product that has a production entirely Made in Italy.

Our yarns are packed in cones of various weights. Each yarn is available on our website reflects the weight, the size, the title and an indication of needles and / or crochet and / or fineness of the machine or loom to use, so you know how much yarn you need to accomplish your project. And advisable to always provide a sample of 10×10 cm. before making the final design.

There are two categories of yarns on our website. Yarns from our production and yarns in stock lot, this last are sold at less than half of price you can have in a normal shop.

The number of needles or crochet and/or knitting machine indicated in any kind of yarn are for standard machining, the number may vary slightly depending on the type of project and to the hand of those who work.

The yarn count will give an idea of the thickness and the length of the yarn. For example, a yarn Nm 4000 will have a length per kg. of 4000 meters and 100 grams of 400 meters, a Nm 2/28 (2/28000) will have a length of 14,000 meters per kg (28000:2 = 14000 meters).

However, please note that it is not so simple. The yarns in cashmere, camel, alpaca, Yak and merino extrafine are very delicate and fine yarns, each yarn type, depending on the composition, to the title and to the invoice requires a different type of processing.

The research looking for new patterns and new processes for yarns in cashmere, camel and yak and new yarns, is the sole focus more exciting that we as a company dealer of fine yarns. It is a hard work of research and a lot of experimentation with washes, dyes and the type of yarn processing to achieve the desired objectives. As well as the obvious desire of high quality products in colors rich and thin, another priority is to offer a wide variety of yarns suitable for any kind of working with a wide spectrum of possible effects. We want yarn that will work exceptionally well with both knitting, crochet, machine and frame.

The yarn Cashmere, Camel and Yak, we wanted to present products that have worked successfully in a wide range of colors and processing. To do this we carefully considered the composition. The factors involved are:

The quality of the natural material.
The softness
The final processing of the yarn

All these factors are critical to the performance of the products. All these things must be considered as a replacement of a yarn to another. It’s simple, you can not expect the same results using different yarns to achieve the same project.

Note. Please note that all strands of wool contains moisture and the footage can be affected by humidity and temperature. If you leave the yarn in a dry and hot lose moisture, which, besides being very negative for the yarn, will make it lighter thus influencing the length to weight. On the contrary, if it is maintained in conditions of moisture is able to absorb moisture become heavier.


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All our yarns are in stock lot and they are not washed, and appear raw, so it is essential to make a small sample and wash it following our advice before proceeding with the final processing. Check the first points and in case of irregularities stop work immediately and contact our technical office


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