Two ways of working and washing untreated yarns

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There are two ways to wash untreated package yarns and make them reach their peak shine, like the sweaters you buy in the store.

One is simpler, the other a little less.

Let’s start with the simplest:

1 – Wash the yarn directly. From the cone you can make skeins of 200-250 g using the spinning wheel (if you don’t have one you can also use the backrest of a chair) making at least 5-6 strong ties, woven at approximately the same distance from each other, being very careful , the risk is that the yarn will get tangled if the ties are not done well and you will have to throw everything away, and then wash the yarn directly in the washing machine with the procedure described at the bottom.

To avoid the risk of ruining the whole yarn, if you are not already experienced with this type of washing, it is better to make a first skein of 40-50 grams and wash it to be sure of the result.

However, I highly recommend making a 10×10 or 20×20 cm sample. before carrying out the final work.

In this way you can work with the already washed yarn after having dried it (the skeins can also be dried by hanging). You can make balls or work it directly into skeins.

2 – Work the yarn and then wash the finished garment. Make a sample of 10×10 or better 20×20 cm. with the same stitch that you have to work for the finished garment, count the stitches, measure the sample carefully before and after washing it. Wash the sample in the washing machine using the procedure described below. In this way you will be able to subsequently check the yield and develop the size and consequently the consumption, and you will be able to check the hand, if the result is a tight (denser) work you will obtain less softness and more resistance to pilling, vice versa if the work is more sparse (less dense) you will get more softness and a little less resistance to pilling.

Washing in the washing machine is done when you want the fiber to have the classic cashmere pile on the surface. The wash indicated is very delicate and the presence of vinegar will be an excellent descaler:

– Machine wash at 30° for 7 minutes with very little detergent for delicate items
– Rinse the washing machine
– Machine wash at 30° for 7 minutes with very little fabric softener and 1/4 measuring spoon of white wine vinegar
– Centrifuge at 400 rpm for 5 minutes (or as little as possible)
– Dry flat without exposing to direct sunlight
– For strong and contrasting colors in striped and jacquard knitwear we recommend carrying out an initial dry cleaning and washing the garments half a load with plenty of water.

This washing procedure is valid whether it is a sample, finished garment or yarn itself.

This washing procedure should only be carried out the first time, subsequently it is recommended to wash the garments by hand following this procedure:

If you want your sweater to always remain soft and fluffy, follow these tips:

Soak it in warm water with a delicate detergent or hair shampoo (use very little), adding a little white vinegar in case of streaks or bright colors.
Leave it to soak for a short time, ten or fifteen minutes at most.
Do not rub it and handle it delicately.
Rinse it patiently several times and with lots of water, always lukewarm, until the water is perfectly clear.
Do not wring it out but remove the water by pressing gently.
Wrap the sweater in a terry cloth to eliminate excess water.
Spread it on a horizontal surface, taking care to avoid direct exposure to the sun.
Let it dry at room temperature, never near a heat source.
Iron it with a strong jet of steam without pressing with the iron.

A little advice: wash your Cashmere sweater often, in this way the fibers will find new vigor and your garment will always be like new.

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