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Yarn Merino Extrafine unshrinkable Superwash 2/30 color green water cones 480 gr

Yarn Merino Extrafine unshrinkable Superwash

Nm. 2/30

Knitting machine 12

Knitting machine 7-8

It can be worked by hand at more threads

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Superwash 2/30 Nonshrink Extrafine Merino yarn is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality material for their knitting projects. With a gauge of 12, this yarn is ideal for producing light and delicate garments, perfect for comfortable and elegant garments.

Its extrafine merino composition ensures softness and comfort to the touch, making garments made with this yarn pleasant to wear on the skin. Furthermore, thanks to its superwash nature, it is extremely tear-resistant and can be machine washed without the risk of shrinkage or deformation, offering practicality and durability over time.

Its 2/30 structure makes it suitable for processing with fine knitting machines, allowing you to create finely crafted fabrics with a uniform, professional finish. However, this yarn can also be used for handcrafting with multi-ply needles, giving you the flexibility to make custom, detailed projects.

Whether you're creating elegant shawls, soft sweaters or lightweight accessories, Superwash 2/30 Nonshrink Extrafine Merino yarn proves to be a reliable and versatile companion for your creative knitting adventures. Choose the quality and practicality of this yarn to bring your projects to life with unparalleled style and comfort.

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