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Cashmere yarn 100% 2/18 color light beige cones 520 gr

Nm. 2/18

100% cashmere yarn

Knitting machine 7-8

Knitting Machine 5 double threads

Needle 2-3

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Characteristics of Cashmere Yarn:

  1. Purity and Quality: 100% cashmere offers unsurpassed purity, ensuring that each thread retains its natural softness and shine.
  2. Lightness and Warmth: Despite its lightness, cashmere is incredibly warm, making this yarn ideal for light but enveloping garments, perfect for any season.
  3. Soft texture: Thanks to its ultrafine fiber, cashmere yarn guarantees a feeling of softness and comfort on the skin, ideal for those seeking everyday luxury.
  4. Design Versatility: It is timeless and elegant, perfect for creating classic and contemporary garments. From simple sweaters to sophisticated accessories, the design possibilities with this yarn are endless.

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