How to calculate consumption for working on a knitting machine

by Feb 16, 2024How to Calculate Consumption

I am often asked how much yarn is needed to make a knitwear item of a certain size, etc.

Calculating consumption is not easy, it is necessary to make a sample to calculate it exactly. However, you can use experience and some tricks to get as close as possible to the weight of yarn needed to make a knitted item.

Below I write in detail the consumption when working on the machine on the main gauges normally used based on my experience:

If you work on the 12 gauge knitting machine
for men from 250 to 300 gr
for women from 150 to 200 g (a little more for the larger sizes)

If you work on the knitting machine fineness 7-8
for men from 340 to 400 gr
for women from 250 to 320 gr

If you work on the gauge 5 machine
for men from 450 to 700 gr
for women from 350 to 600 gr

If you work on the 18 gauge machine
for men from 150 to 200 g or a little more
for women from 100 to 150 g or a little more

consumption is indicative, as I was saying, based on my experience of industrial knitwear production for over 15 years on electronic Shima machines. Consumption varies based on the type of stitch that must be made, on the type of knitting machine on which the work must be carried out, and on other factors.

It is always essential to take a sample and wash it to calculate the costs more precisely before carrying out the definitive work.

Naturally I understand that those who produce tailor-made shirts, one-of-a-kind items, cannot make a whole shirt as a sample, but, in these cases it is sufficient to make a small cloth and measure it before and after washing in order to establish the consumption, which will always be approximate. , but still very close to the final weight of the garment.

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