Ecocashmere: A Sustainable Solution for the Fashion Industry

by Jun 15, 2023Cashmere Recycled


What is eco cashmere

Ecocashmere is a textile fiber obtained through the recycling and reuse of cashmere waste. In the textile industry, during the production of cashmere, trimmings and waste are often generated which can be recovered and transformed into new cashmere yarns. This process reduces the need to extract new fibers and reduces the volume of textile waste going to landfills.

The Eco Cashmere Production Process

The production process of regenerated cashmere involves several stages. First, cashmere waste from spinning, weaving or other stages of the cashmere production process is collected. Subsequently, the scraps are sorted, cleaned and sorted according to the color and length of the fibers.

After the waste preparation, the actual regeneration process takes place. Cashmere fibers are shredded and spun into new regenerated cashmere yarns that can be used to create high-quality fabrics and garments.

Advantages of ecocashmere

Ecocashmere offers numerous benefits for both the environment and the fashion industry. Here are some of the main benefits:

  1. Reduction of textile waste: By using cashmere scraps to produce new yarns, regenerated cashmere helps reduce textile waste and the amount of waste sent to landfills.
  2. Reducing Resource Extraction: Ecocashmere reduces the need to extract new cashmere fibers from goats, thereby reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional cashmere farming and processing.
  3. Less water and energy consumption: The ecocashmere production process requires less water and energy than the production of virgin cashmere, contributing to greater sustainability.
  4. Quality comparable to traditional cashmere: Ecocashmere offers a quality comparable to traditional cashmere in terms of softness, warmth and lightness. Garments made with eco-cashmere meet consumer expectations in terms of performance and style


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