Cashmere and C2C crochet

by Apr 2, 2024Knitting

You’ve read the title and are wondering what this strange acronym C2C means.

I’ll explain it to you right away. C2C means “corner to corner” in English, translated into Italian “from corner to corner”. It is a way of crocheting (even knitting if desired) that starts from one corner and ends in another corner.

I have to say that I’m not particularly attracted to these strange linguistic structures, but the technique itself completely won me over.

After doing a bit of research, after looking at different projects and, obviously, after experimenting with the technique, I created a small path in which I included what, in my opinion, is the most valid but also very fun.

3 campioni 1

It’s so much fun that I can’t stop making new projects… so I want to share my experience with you.

campione patchwork 1

Experimenting with the C2C technique, I tried different types of yarns and discovered that this technique is very versatile and the result is always beautiful.

Driven by curiosity, I also tried cashmere. I chose fine machine cashmere (count 2/28), working first with 1 strand, then with 2 strands.

Working with any untreated yarn (to learn more about the topic click here) is less beautiful than working with already treated yarns, on the other hand the price is much lower. However, once the garment is washed, it shines in all its beauty that only cashmere and fine yarns can have. It becomes very soft and so pleasant to the touch that you never want to stop touching it :-).

campioni cashmere 1

The workmanship with a single garment is very refined but obviously requires more time. By working with 2 strands (I used the 1.40 mm crochet hook) you get the right thickness and the work flows faster. The choice is yours :-).

I invite you to follow the C2C crochet technique course that I have prepared, it will certainly be a great experience that will allow you to have fun creating very original garments.

See you soon

Alicja Kwartnik for Hircus Filati.

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