The Cashmere Fiber

by Nov 18, 2023Cashmere

The cashmere fiber is considered one of the most valuable for the characteristics of fineness, softness and warmth.

The fiber is obtained combing, only in winter, the goats in Tibet to separate from the rough and long hair fine and soft.

The quantity of wool is very little gained: 120 grams (for a sweater takes 6 goats), which is why the price is very high.

Cashmere is a fiber that has the advantage of isolating the cold but also by the heat, has excellent flame retardant properties and provides good breathability.

The quality of Cashmere depends above all on the breed of the animal and, secondly, on the side of the body which is drawn, the most valuable is that of the back.

The Capra hircus (this is the name of the Cashmere goat) live in mountainous regions and highlands of Asia. The most important supplier countries are: China, Iran, Mongolia, Tibet, and Afghanistan.

But the Cashmere softer and more expensive because it is produced in small quantities is that of the Indian province of Kashmir. The climatic conditions of extreme changes in temperature between day and night in these areas favor the development of hair called duvet.

This fluff has the peculiarity of exception, like all animal fibers (but this more than anything else) to thermo-regulate the animal’s body in relation to the external environment, protecting both the low or high temperatures. Each article and color of pure cashmere yarn is processed individually, with textile machinery for yarn knitting and weaving specialists.

The process is very long and particular, for this is done by specialized spinning mills in the processing of precious fibers.

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