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100% Baby Alpaca yarn 2/16 color light beige cones 470 gr

100% Baby Alpaca yarn

Nm. 2/16

Knitting machine 7-8

Knitting Machine 5 double threads

You can work on multiple threads by hand

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"Discover Tenderness: Baby Alpaca Yarn, the Soft Caress for your Projects"

Entangled in the majestic fur of the Andes, the baby alpaca is a natural treasure that enchants with its softness and shine. Thanks to its delicious fiber, baby alpaca yarns offer a unique experience in the world of knitting and crochet. Discover with us the magic of this material that gives comfort and beauty to your craft projects.

The Lightness of Being The baby alpaca is famous for its lightness and softness. Its fibre, finer than adult alpaca, offers a caressing sensation on the skin, perfect for garments that gently envelop the body without weighing it down. Working with baby alpaca yarns means creating light and delicate pieces, ideal for every season.

Natural Luxury Baby alpaca fiber is known for its shine and velvety texture. This luxurious material gives your work a timeless elegance. Baby alpaca yarns are available in a wide range of colors, from neutral tones that enhance its natural beauty to vibrant shades that capture attention.

Enveloping Warmth Despite its lightness, baby alpaca offers an enveloping warmth that makes it perfect for comfortable and welcoming garments. Baby alpaca yarns retain body heat without weighing you down, ensuring comfort at all times of the day. From soft shawls to warm blankets, baby alpaca is the ideal choice for creating garments that wrap you with love.

Sustainability and Ethics Alpaca breeding is a traditional practice in the Andes, where these animals are considered an integral part of the local culture. Baby alpaca yarns are produced sustainably and ethically, respecting the environment and the communities that depend on this ancient activity. By choosing baby alpaca yarns, you contribute to preserving a precious natural and cultural heritage.

Wrap yourself in the tenderness and beauty of baby alpaca yarns. With their lightness, shine and enveloping warmth, these yarns offer a unique experience in the world of handmade. Discover the pleasure of creating with a material that enchants the senses and envelops the heart with its sweet caress.

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