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Yarn Merino Extrafine 70% Cashmere 30% 2/15 color black cones 460 gr

Yarn Merino Extrafine 70% Cashmere 30% 2/15

Nm. 2/15

Knitting machine 7-8

Needle 2-3

Cones 500 gr – 3750 mt.

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Create luxury garments with our Merino Extrafine 70% Cashmere 30% Nm. 2/15 yarn, designed specifically for machine and needle knitting. The combination of extrafine merino and cashmere offers softness, warmth and a touch of elegance to every creation.

Main features:

  • Unrivaled softness: Extra-fine merino and cashmere combine to offer a luxurious and soft feel to the touch.
  • Warmth and Lightness: Despite its softness, this yarn offers excellent thermal capacity, keeping you warm without weighing you down.
  • Suitable for machine knitting and needles: With a weight of Nm. 2/15, it is perfect for machine knitting and knitting, ensuring easy processing and impeccable results.
  • Versatile: Ideal for a wide range of projects, from scarves and hats to elegant cardigans and sweaters.

Technical specifications:

  • Composition: 70% Extrafine Merino, 30% Cashmere
  • Weight: Nm. 2/15
  • Yarn length: 750 m. in 100 gr. (500g = 3750mt.)

Usage Tips:

  • Use 2-3 needles or gauge 7 or 8 knitting machines to obtain the desired tension.
  • Gently hand wash or machine wash with a mild wool detergent.
  • Dry flat to maintain the shape and softness of the garment.


Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners which could damage delicate fibres.
It is recommended that you take a voltage sample before starting the project to ensure proper adherence to the instructions.

Note: As this is a high quality yarn, we recommend paying extra attention to care and workmanship to achieve the best possible results.

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