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Yarn Cashmere 100% 2/28 color grey cones 530 gr

Nm. 2/28

Yarn Cashmere 100%

Knitting machine 12

Knitting machine 7-8 double threads

Can be worked by hand at more threads

Our yarns MUST BE TREATED (Fulled) before or after processing. Click here for more info.

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This cashmere yarn is suitable for being worked with the 12 gauge single-ply knitting machine and/or with the 7-8 gauge double (two strand) knitting machine.

The excellent quality means that they are also suitable for being knitted with two, three or more strands.

At the bottom of each page of this website you can find our advice for processing and fulling (washing/treatment) of yarns both in skeins and for the finished garment.

As always, it is essential to create a sample before final processing.

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All our yarns are in stock lot and they are not washed, and appear raw, so it is essential to make a small sample and wash it following our advice before proceeding with the final processing. Check the first points and in case of irregularities stop work immediately and contact our technical office


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