Changes on Shipping costs

There are some changes on shipping costs.

Unfortunately it does not depend on us. These are the shipping costs with GLS carrier, but unfortunately they have increased significantly. We kept the old prices as long as we could, putting the difference out of our own pocket, but now unfortunately we can no longer do it because this difference affects the cost of the yarns too much. However, free shipping remains on purchases over 300 euros for all countries of the European community.

Our yarns are in stock and we sell at prices far below normal market prices. Our prices are also much lower than the direct prices of the producers themselves. And they have remained the same for years now, when instead everything else has increased throughout Europe, and not only in Italy, even by 30% more, even foodstuffs.

I am very sorry that the shipping costs have had this increase, but unfortunately, I repeat, it is not up to us.
Below you can see the rates that the GLS courier applies to us. In addition to these rates you must apply 6% for the cost of fuel and 0.20 euros for the Covid emergency that all couriers charge us.

See new costs of GLS carrier from September 01 2022:

to this costs we must add 6% fuel costs, 0.20 euro Covid pandemic costs, that we pay and we don’t add to you.


Free shipping on all orders over €299. Only for EU Countries and only for Private Customers.


All our yarns are in stock lot and they are not washed, and appear raw, so it is essential to make a small sample and wash it following our advice before proceeding with the final processing. Check the first points and in case of irregularities stop work immediately and contact our technical office


[email protected]
(we will reply asap, working days)

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